A lot of Youtube tutorials promise you to show, how to do makeup properly but actually what they do, is just  showing people, how they do makeup on themselves, either because they are no makeup artists and they just like to do makeup, or because they couldn’t find a job as a makeup artist, so they started a career on YouTube.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch those tutorials, because some of them are very entertaining but, you should be very careful about the advice you listen to.

For someone who is not a professional themselves, it’s pretty hard to determine who’s good and who’s not. Now here is a little tip you can follow:

If someone on YouTube is just showing how they do make-up and showing you the products they use, they are most likely only doing makeup on themselves and promoting the products to earn some money, yet they will never explain, why they use certain products.

The keyword to look out for is the ‘’why’’.


If someone is just showing what they are doing, without any explanation of why, they either don’t know why they’re doing it, they just do it, because it looks good on themselves but, and this is the more interesting and important part, you do not know if it is good for you to do. Everyone has a different face, everyone should treat their makeup differently and use it in a different way.

You should always use your makeup in a way that is good for your face and that is fitting for you.


To give you an example:

You can basically say it is the same as looking at an underwear model, wearing a bikini, being in perfect shape and being photoshopped and a person weighing 200 kilos, wearing the same bikini. It is going to look different.

The same goes for makeup:

If someone’s skin is really bad, they will probably cover up a lot of stuff but, if your skin is actually good or at least way better, than the one showing what he is doing, you might not have to cover anything, which is, as I said in a previous blog, not what makeup is about.


Makeup is about highlighting the beautiful stuff about yourself not just hiding whatever you don’t like so the highlighted areas distract from the things in your face you don’t like.


Not knowing the things mentioned above can lead to various things, like we see today, where a lot of people have massive, massive eyebrows, that are completely unnatural and not fitting for the shape of their face, so sometimes when you walk through the city, it feels like you are walking through Sesame Street.

This comes from people on YouTube and other platforms, like Instagram, drawing on some ridiculous eyebrows, like for example: NikkieTutorials or Kim Kardashian, but to be fair, Kim probably has her makeup done by someone else.


No, I am not saying you should not follow them and you should not watch them, because they can be quite entertaining. All I am saying is, if you really want to understand makeup, to use it properly on yourself, you should rather look up someone, who explains why, he or she is doing what they do and what changes within your face if you do so yourself, so you can determine if that is necessary or even what you want and if it is right for you or, if it just looks good on camera, which is another thing.


When you look around and you look at people, they wear way too much makeup.

Way too much makeup because, there is a difference in doing make-up for camera and doing makeup for wearing it on the streets because, the lighting is different and the camera does not see half of what you have done, so if the people on camera do not use a lot of makeup you would not see what they have done whereas, if you use as much makeup as they use in their videos and you walk down the street it looks ridiculous because, there is way too much on your face and it just looks like a mask, instead of your normal face.

That is why most of the make-up, people wear nowadays, looks very fake.


Now if we look at another YouTuber, like Wayne Goss who, not only does YouTube, but also works as a makeup artist and has an own brush line, but he also explains what he is doing  in his videos, why he is doing it, what’s the whole point of him doing it and another thing you should always look for and he is doing it as well and I’m not saying he is the only one out there doing that  but he is just one example for the good ones, he is working on other people, as well as on himself.


So in conclusion, what you should look out for, are people who, do not explain why they do something and the why is really important here, you should look out for people who only work on themselves and never on someone else because, that could mean that they can not even do it, because those are two very different things. Working and someone else and working on yourself. Everyone can put makeup on themselves but, not everyone can put makeup on everyone out there because, to do that, you really have to understand the essentials of makeup what it is all about and the faces that are there, the different shapes the forms, you have to be able to apply makeup, to whatever is given to you and not just your own forms.

The last thing that is very important, look for people you want to watch, because it is always important, to watch something entertaining, although you do not have to exactly follow everything they say and you do not have to take all the advice.


Makeup for a camera is very very different than make-up for daily use!


Now if you want some more in-depth information, on how to do eyebrows, what is important for makeup, eyeliners and all of the other things out there, keep following the blog and we will  update it weekly, write a new post and explain the ins and outs of makeup, hairstyling and the whole industry around it.

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