As stated in the blog about makeup ‘’The Actual Use Of Makeup’’, I’m going to tell you how to find the proper clothing for your body shape and with  body shape I don’t mean having an hourglass shape, being thin or not.

We don’t care about that  and neither should you!


What clothing is all about is not that different from makeup.

It is all about confidence, but also using the clothes, to give you said confidence. So what you want to do with clothes, same as with makeup, is to look at your body and look at what you like. The features you want to give strength, the features you want other people to see and that’s what you want to accentuate. Now that means you can, if you are curvy, still wear some clothes that are tight, not meaning the type of leggings, that are two numbers below your actual size showing off  way too much, giving people the ability to read your lips when you are walking down the streets.

The same goes for guys who, dress in t-shirts that are way too short, exposing their belly, hanging over their trousers…  I mean no one wants to look at that.


Having said that, it is not necessary to wear oversized clothes to hide about every Curve you have, just because you feel you are overweight or not the size 0 type of person that you would see, on runways and in magazines. It is definitely possible, to wear clothes that, accentuate your body, in a way that it brings out your curves if you have them or, hide different parts about yourself, that you don’t like.


For example:

If you do not like the upper part of your legs, that does not mean, that you can never wear a dress or short trousers. It just means you should not necessarily wear, hot pants that expose the upper part of your legs but, if you are fine with the lower part of your legs, that means, why not just wear trousers that go to your knees? It is not necessary to, wear long trousers all year, even if it is very very hot outside, just because you, feel uncomfortable wearing a dress or short trousers, as the actual thing that makes you feel uncomfortable is, the upper part of your legs and not the lower one.


The same goes for the upper body of  course, not meaning that you have to wear revealing clothes if you want to show off, what you have, but you can also wear clothes that are cut in a way, that they still show off your curves without being so revealing, that you would make all the Babies hungry, when walking by.


Also, you do not want to be reduced to just one feature about your body, so you should dress in a way that you sell the good features and trust me, if you look for the good features about your body, there is way more than just one thing on your whole body, that you will find, that you actually like or,that you could dress in a way, that you would like it, after wearing said types of clothing.


It also gives you a huge confidence boost, just to be wary of the things that you like about yourself and it’s not necessary that others would like the same features as yourself about you, because beauty lies within the eye of the beholder.

As long as you like what you see, you will wear your clothes with a lot more confidence and that’s the point, where people stop talking about what you are wearing.

That is the point where people stop to give negative comments, because they realize that you are confident in what you wear and that is all it is about.


Also, what I said in the blog post before about  makeup still stays the same and is also true for clothes and basically everything you do in life:

If you focus on what’s good, what you did good and what improvements are possible, that will give you a way better feeling, than just being focused on the negatives and see what you do not like because that continues to go on, in a way, that at one point, it will become really hard for you to find anything you like so, having a good attitude, being positive, looking at the good features, accentuate the good features, bring them out let them speak for themselves and you will feel way better.


You will have  a better time going shopping and do not be Afraid to try out 10 different types of trousers, until you find the right ones, ore 10 different types of shirts until you find the right one, because that moment when you actually find something that you really like and you think: ‘’This looks very very good! I’m really happy I got this!’’, then you can wear it with pride and then people will recognize your confidence and that is, what makes you look the best.


Confidence is the best makeup, the best clothing and the best aura you can present to other people and to yourself!

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