There are so many makeup brands, that almost noone knows what the best or even good makeup  is anymore.

I am a full-time make-up artist. I travel through all of Europe for my work and I will give you an insight of what the best brands are.


To answer this question, we first have to do some research, because there is no “best makeup brand” but there might be one that’s best for you.

Makeup brands, like every other company, try to separate themselves from the rest and be special and unique.

To understand what the best makeup brand for yourself is, you have to understand what in what way you are going to use it.


There are brands like kryolan and Ben Nye who specialise in TV, film and theatre.  They are pretty good at that, but you probably want to consider something else for wearing on the street. A camera can only see half of the makeup on your face, so most of the time those products have a lot of pigment and are not that easy to use on an everyday basis without being “too much”.


Then there are brands like Mac and Urban Decay who are amazing brands and to be honest I work with them a lot, but they are specialised in photo shoots and fashion shows, where there is a lot of flash lighting or people are watching from far away, which means the colours have to pop, stay on there for longer and have to be visible from a distance, but not just the colours also foundation and everything else basically.

So these brands are also not the easiest to use for an average person.


The third big group of makeup products are the cheaper ones found in the drugstore next door.

Other than the common believe, they are not always bad. Sometimes the reason, their colours most of the time are less vibrant, is because they often specialise in everyday use and they want to provide a natural look for regular people out on the streets.

Which is also a reason why makeup artists don’t use those products. As soon as the camera flashes or you have to look at the makeup from  far away you wouldn’t see anything.


To conclude this post and to answer the question on what the best brands are:

The professional brands have a lot more pigments in them than the cheaper ones and are harder to use. Once you mastered them, they are way better than anything you had before. In the end, there is a reason they are called “professional brands”.

To know what brand actually fits you and your needs, the best thing to do is, to get out. Test the makeup in the stores. Figure out if you want it to be really visible or if you’re a person that enjoys a natural look. Then decide on what makeup to get. I am sure you are able to make that decision, especially after reading this blog.


In the end I want to give you my personal favourites:



-Urban Decay   

-Estee Lauder


-Bobby Brown


in this order.


I hope this post was informative and helped you out a little.

I would really appreciate it, if you leave a comment on what your personal favourite brands are, when it comes to makeup. Also feel free to check out our other blog posts.

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