Especially when you are new to make-up, it is very hard to get started and to know what products to use. In this article I will explain the top 10 products makeup artists cannot live without and give you some example products to help you find your way.


Number 1

The first makeup product I recommend everyone to have is a Primer:

The function of the primer is to keep the makeup on your face for longer and form a layer of protection. Due to this makeup cannot get under your skin. This is the number one reason, a lot of people get bad skin from makeup.

Your skin cannot see the difference between a day cream and foundation so it  will absorb either one of them into your skin. As a result, your skin is unable to breathe and that causes pimples and other irregulations.


Number 2


Foundation is basically made to create a blank ”canvas”.

It gets rid of all the colour differences in your face. This gives you the opportunity to put your artwork on a clean sheet if you want to call it like that. Note that Foundation is not there to cover up any pimples or  other irregulations, which leads us to the next product.

I cannot provide you with a particular Foundation, as the color needs to match, but you can always ask the people working in the stores to help you out.

You can also find a post with more detailed information about foundation here.


Number 3

and definitely one of the most important ones is concealer.

When i say concealer I don not refer to one light colour.  I am talking about a concealer palette, with dark colours, light colours,  a green colour and a peach colour. A concealer palette is not only made to cover up everything you don’t want to see, but it can also give you a start on highlighting the beautiful features of your face or contouring.

The green colour is very important to cover up red spots. The peach colour is made to cover up blue spots and areas. These are a bit more difficult to identify, but it’s usually the dark areas under your eyes. They’re blue due to the veins underneith your skin. Do not put any light colour these or any other spots you want to get rid of because, that causes you to have highlighter on the bags under your eyes and makes them more visible. For more info on concealer, check out our blogpost: ”How To Use Concealer”


Number 4 

is powder

I would recommend translucent powder as you can use it on any skin, any colour and anyone.

Powder is basically there to make everything set, to get rid of the sweaty shine and it is also made to seperate cream products and powder products (there are very few exceptions), because other powders, like eyeshadow, blush, shaper or anything really, would not look good without powder underneath because, then the color pigments within the powders cannot be distributed evenly, causing differences in saturation.

Number 5

is blush

I know a lot of people don’t use blush but, it is really important to give you a natural look.

Foundation and concealers are used to get rid of all the colours in your face and create a blank canvas, which gives you a very unnatural look. Blush is basically made to bring back the color in your face so it will be recognised as such. This makes you look friendlier, happier and more confident.


Number 6

is something for the eyebrows

now if you want to know how to do your eyebrows you can head over to my other blog post about that. I would definitely recommend you using something for your eyebrows, whether it’s a corrector, a pencil, gel or anything else, as eyebrows frame your face and give you the expression you have.


Number 7

is mascara

you don’t always have to use eyeliner or eyeshadow. If you use mascara, even just a little bit, your eyes pop and give you a good look. So for a beginner I would say that is more than enough to create a nice look to wear during the day.


Number 8

is lipstick

Now you don’t always have to have actual lipstick. You can also use lipgloss or anything really gives a little bit of color.  The color on your lips determines the vibe of your makeup look:

Dark colors usually make you look either fierce or calm, really bright colors make you look young, etc..  (Let me know if you are interested in a blogpost about Lips)


Number 9 

is eyeliner

I also have a post about eyeliner , so if you want to learn how to use it, I recommend you go there and have a look. My personal favorite is cream eyeliner.  You can not only use it to draw your eyeliner, but also to create a very intense smokey eye.


Number 10

last but not least I would definitely recommend getting a fixing spray. They make your make-up stay on for a very long time, so you don’t have to touch up as much. If you get the right fixing spray, you could even have a swim without your make-up  being ruined. 

Stay tuned for more posts like this next week and I hope this helped you out!

I would be very happy if you leave a comment on your number one product for beginners and tell me why you like it so much.     

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