In this article you will learn what actually makes for the best eyeshadow, how to find it and test it yourself. I will, as always, give you my personal favourites.

To analyse what makes for the best eyeshadow, we have to first take a look at what eyeshadow actually is made of. No, don’t worry, I am not talking about the actual ingredients. We will keep it nice and simple.

Imagine eyeshadow as being a two-component product. One component providing for the color and the other one making it stay on your face.


If you have not already, I highly recommend your reading my other post about eyeshadow. It will provide with everything you need to know about colours that suit you and how to apply the eyeshadow. You can find the other post here.


First off, we will have a look at the color:


The color comes from pigment within the eye shadow.  No you don’t have to know what the actual ingredient is. You just have to know if there is enough pigment within the eye shadow.

So what do we mean with enough pigment?

It is basically very simple. What we want in eyeshadow is that, if you have a black eyeshadow for example and you apply it, it should actually be black.

Sadly enough, there are enough brands and eyeshadow palettes, where this is not the case.

So when looking for good eyeshadow, you have to test it. Make sure the black color is actually going to be black and the colors are going to look like you want them to, once you apply them.

Luckily for you, I have already done that and after years of experience, I can give you my personal favorites so you don’t have to test hundreds of eye shadows yourself, until you find a good one.


The “glue”:


The second component, as I mentioned earlier, makes the products stay where it’s supposed to be.

For the sake of keeping it easy, we will just call it “glue”.

So if your eyeshadow consists solely of pigments, your color would be really bright, but there is no way in hell, the eyeshadow would actually stay on your eyelids. Even while applying, the eyeshadow would just fall down into your face and ruin your look. This is what we call fallout.

To prevent fallout we will have to have an eye shadow with some “glue” in it.

The problem is if you have too much of this “glue” you will not have any color anymore.  Too much colour and it wont stay on your eyelids.


So in conclusion:

We have to find  an eyeshadow, that has a good balance between the “glue” and the pigment in order for it to come out the way you want and stay on your eyes or wherever you want apply it. (Just because it is called eyeshadow, does not mean it can only be applied to your eyelids)


Personal Recommendations:


The 1st product recommendation will be from Morphe. Their eyeshadows are quite nice to use and they are very cost-efficient. So you will get a lot of good products for a small amount of money.

You can get the product by clicking the image below.

The 2nd recommendation will be from Kryolan. This actually is my personal favorite. Their eyeshadows come out great and the balance between pigment and “glue” is very nice! They are a bit pricier, but the nice thing is, that you can refill your palettes. Also, once a color is made, it will never get out of existence. Even if it is not produced anymore, you can call the company and they will make it for you. 

You can get the product by clicking the image below.


To begin with, it’s really good to get an eyeshadow palette that has natural colors. This way you can start with a basic look and then get different palettes with different colors once you mastered the natural ones to create different looks, once you are skilled with the natural ones.


I hope this guide was helpful to you!

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  1. Yes, Kryolan eyeshadows have amazing pigment and formula! They seem to be overlooked by influencers, I’m not sure why. This brand definitely deserves some more recognition!

    1. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people only know them for the tv show faceoff as a sfx brand and don’t know about their “regular” makeup.

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