The fact that you’re reading this blog already tells me that you want to know which one is the best eyeliner and which one to get. First of all I highly recommend you to read our blog about how to use eyeliner, in case you haven’t already. You can find it here. I suggest to read until the end as I will reveal my personal favourites and give some extra tips and tricks. Also if you click the images you can directly buy our top suggestions from each type of eyeliner on amazon!


First of all, there are different kinds of eyeliner.

Probably the most known one is the liquid eyeliner:

Most of the times it comes with a little felt tip to apply it.

These are fine to draw a precise and clean line if you have a steady hand. The problem is, not having a proper brush means you have to have a real steady hand in order to get a smooth line. Where as if you have a product you can use a proper brush for, your technique is more important than a steady hand. Brushes also make your life a lot easier in terms of getting good results.


Then there is kayal or pencil:

they are not meant to draw sharp lines. Make-up artists use them to apply a blended line around the eyes to up the intensity of your look.  Draw a soft line without the wing to get the best result. Another use would be the water line of the eye. This adds more shape to the eyes.

Lesser known but one of my personal favourites is cake eyeliner:

It basically works the same way as a liquid eyeliner but you would have to use a brush for it. They come in a small pot and you need to use some water to ”activate” it.

This makes it easier for you to draw a perfect line. It is impossible to blend but it gives you a really intense black neat line. The blending part would only be necessary in case you want to create a smokey eye. 


Last but not least my personal favourite the  eyeliner cream:

it comes in a little pot and it is creamy. Applied with a brush which is a pro. This makes your life a lot easier as stated earlier in the post.

You can draw really neat and sharp lines with it to draw that perfect eyeliner.  Once it’s drawn on it stays on. Most of the time even better than a liquid liner. Before it dries you are able to blend it almost as good as a pencil.  This is the base for every professional smokey eye and the reason why it is my favourite. But not just smokey eyes are easily done with it. You can also opt to use it like you would use a kayal. 

It takes some practice to master but once you have that down, you can go from smooth smokey eye anywhere to having the cleanest eyeliner with just one product.

To conclude, all you need is one product: Eyeliner Cream.

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