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What are the best concealers out there?

As you already learnt in the post about concealers, there are many different colours and types you can get. If you have not read that one make sure to check it out here.


In this post  I will give you my personal top picks where to get them and why I think they’re worth buying.

Every face has many different colours. This means we also need quite a bit of different colours of concealer. The next problem is, that your skin tone changes all the time. Especially in the summer vs the winter. If you want to know more about this topic you can read the post about foundation here.

So we do not want to just get one colour of concealer. What you are going to be looking for, is called a concealer palette.

This will make sure that you have all the colours you need to cover up anything you want, at all times, all year long.

So let’s talk products:

First I will give you the budget version:

NYX is a brand that gained huge popularity lately and there is an obvious reason for it.  Their products are usually quite cheap but also surprisingly good in quality. If you want to use a concealer palette without spending a lot, you can definitely go with the colour correcting palette of NYX. The downside of this one is, that the colors are on the brighter side. This means you would have to apply them before your foundation.

You can click here or on the image to get the product

My other favourite and an all-time classic is M.A.C..  Although they are a bit more expensive M.A.C. is almost always a solid choice when it comes to make-up. Their pallette offers nice shades of colour and good coverage. As you can see they also take a more natural approach to the colours than NYX. This makes me like them more. They also have more options regarding skincolours.

Click here for the light version, here for the dark version, or on the image below if you want to get the product!


I hope this will help you get the right products!

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