Nowadays you see a lot of girls wearing a lot of makeup, that they saw on YouTube videos, Instagram posts and other social media websites, not knowing what they are actually doing but rather following whatever tips they get from the influencers and what they are doing on their own faces, which is not always what you want to do on yourself, as everybody looks completely different.


So I am going to explain, how to use make-up properly, on your own face or  anybody’s face for that matter.


What you really want to do with makeup, is highlighting the features that you like about your face, to distract from the features that you don’t like!

There is also the possibility of hiding the features that you don’t like about yourself, yet that is not always necessary, especially not, if you are going for an everyday look, that you can wear on the street without looking like a pancake face.


It all starts, by using the right products:

Many different brands, have a many different kinds of products. (For example cake Foundation and fluid ones or even tinted Day Cream) They all have a different purpose, so make sure to use the right one for the right occasion. Also, there is a huge difference between, brands as some of them are specialised on professional use, (For example: TV makeup, film makeup, show makeup) or makeup for everyday use. So you definitely want to read into the brand itself before using their products and trying them in the stores before buying, as you want to see how it feels and how it looks.


So what does it mean, to highlight the features that you want to see? And why is it not always necessary to cover up the features that you don’t want to see?

Well let’s put it like this:

If you like your eyes and you really make them stand out, make them pop, people are not going to look at your lips as much and vice versa, if you really like your lips, then don’t put too much emphasis on the eyes but rather on the bottom half of your face so that’s the primary Focus point.

There is also the possibility of completely changing someone’s appearance by over doing the makeup:

We especially see that within the new ‘’Instagram Brow’’ trend, where a lot of girls have the same kind of eyebrows drawn on, but you have to consider that there is not one eyebrow to fit the millions and millions of faces that are out there. So to get the shape of your eyebrows perfect, don’t focus on getting the shape perfect, but rather focus on making them perfect for your own face.

What I mean by that is that you kind of have to stay close within the natural shape of your own eyebrows, because otherwise it looks really, really fake and does not match the shape of your face, which is not appealing to look at for other people or yourself.


Also being aware of your good features, rather than getting caught up within the  bad features, or better put, the things that you don’t like as much within your own face or body, (as this is something you can also apply to buying clothes, but that’s a different story for another blog post) makes you a lot happier and giving you a way better start Into your day, because you are focused on what looks good about yourself, which really boosts your self esteem and is extremely empowering!

Having said that, it takes some practice and some getting used to how you are going to look after using this method of highlighting your good features, rather than hiding your bad features, but in the end you will be way more comfortable within your own skin and people will notice that you are happier with the way you look and it’s also a nice thing to look into the mirror and still be able  to see yourself rather than a clone of some YouTube video or Instagram posts.


All in all, what I want to say is, that I and hopefully you in the future, use makeup to empower the good features of other people and myself, rather than getting caught up within the negative things that I don’t like, because that makes me unhappy and that is not what makeup is for. So makeup should be used to boost your confidence and not hide who you really are.

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