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Make-up Uncensored is back with Day 2 of London Fashion Week.

Today is the Show of Berthold, where we are going to be part of the Hair Team led by Alexander Solltermann.

Berthold established his own brand in 2009 after working for some of fashion’s leading brands.

The elegant and bold collections could be seen since London Collections Men AW15.

A lot of the inspiration for Berthold’s collections comes from his own contemporary art collection which is changing constantly and so is the brand itself.

While Berthod keeps a recognizable style in clothing I have seen the brand go from al black, to bright colors, to sand shades and pink within the newest collection of SS19.

The style as I would describe it is bold, elegant, creative, yet wearable. Having the honor to own some of Berthold’s clothing I can tell that wearing these clothes make you feel special, elegant and also a piece of art while not looking over the top unless you want to do so.

The show consisted of 30 looks and 20 models, so it was a lot more stressful than the Lou Dalton presentation from the day before, although the Hair Team consisted of 8 people which is about double the amount of people we had the day before.

The clothes were based on a desert theme, so the hairstyle was a half wet, half dry look with a wet look on top and dry fluffy hair blowing in the wind and the bottom. The Show had about 700 people watching (invitation only). The backstage space was pretty big. It had a nice place for food, a big room for the collection and a lot of space for hair and make-up,  where I spent most of my time. Just before the actual show the models had to do a run down and the final rehearsal, where I was allowed to sit with the leader of the Hair Team and the designer himself to have a look at how the show is going to be.

I was not able to see the actual show itself, as I had to stay backstage, because there were a lot of outfit changes and a lot of touch ups, that were needed to keep the hair of the models perfectly. All in all it was a great experience! I met some really amazing people and I got invited to the after party.

The after party was where the real magic happened! Arriving at the place, the first thing that cought my eye was not the unbelievable amount of contemporary art that was displayed, but rather a bathtub filled with ice and champagne!

I met a lot of great people and it was a really good opportunity to expand my network. So it happened that day I got back from London, I immediately got booked for Paris Fashion Week, which is going to be on the  20th 21st and 22nd of June.

Stay tuned for updates, if you would like to know about Paris.

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