Lipstick  Myths – Top 5

Myth Number 1

Do not use colour on your lips, if you already have a lot of makeup on your eyes.

This is something I hear all the time. From my clients, in shops or from other people.

It is completely wrong in my opinion.  Whenever I look at makeup, I look at the whole face. It has to be one coherent design to be good. Just like with any other artwork. Now don’t get me wrong, I do agree that if you wear heavy eye makeup, you should not wear any bright colours on your lips. All they would do is, distract people from looking at your eyes, as they would take away all the attention.

What I do not agree with is to apply nude colours or neutral colours, when you use heavy eye makeup.  Imagine wearing the perfect smokey eye in black. It is heavy and looks amazing! Then you finish it off with a nude colour on the lips. What happens is that you have all this stuff going on on your eyes whereas the bottom half of your face is completely empty. To me, that just looks like an unfinished makeup. I would much rather advice you, to use dark colours instead of nude. A dark red or even black! (If you  think you can pull it off) This captures the darkness of your smokey eye, while not claiming too much attention.

I also wrote about this in my previous blog post. You can find that one here in case you want to know more about this.


Myth Number 2

You always need to use lip liner.

This is one of my favourite lipstick myths and I hear it all the time. Almost everybody in every shop would advise you to buy a lip liner when you get a lipstick.

What are they actually used for? Why would people tell you you need them, if that is not the truth?

The answer to that is pretty simple:

I probably should not tell you this, but on the other hand you should kind of  know this already. Every single makeup store out there wants to sell as much as they can and what is easier than to sell a lip liner to someone, who has absolutely no idea of makeup and who just bought a lipstick? Makes sense right?

So now you might wonder, what are they actually used for and when do I need them?

they are primarily used to shape your lips. This can be: making them bigger, smaller or correct some little imperfections for photoshoots. Out on the streets, you do not need to worry about these things. I am talking about very, very small imperfections that you would probably not even notice by just looking at your lips.

Another way of using them is for people with a lot of wrinkles around the mouth.  This is mainly a problem for older people and heavy smokers. Having those wrinkles oftentimes results in lipstick not staying in shape. If that is one of your problems, feel free to buy the lip liners! The color should always match with your lipstick and your problem should be gone.

Then there are some minor things you can do with lip liner:

Using it to colour your lips before putting on the lipsticks to give it more coverage, using it to create ‘ombre’ looks and so on.


Myth Number 3

This is one I hear a lot of my clients say:

”I cannot pull off red lipstick!”

Trust me when I say that everybody can, pull off red lipstick! It is just a matter of confidence and the right shade of red. Walking into a makeup store will soon make you realize that there is more than fifty shades of grey and the same thing applies to red as well. You should always test the lipsticks before you buy them, make sure to look for a red colour that suits you and makes you feel good.


Myth  Number 4

Long-lasting lipsticks are bad for your lips.

This is something, not a lot of people know or think about, but the longer lasting the product, the higher the chance of you getting dry lips. Take in consideration that we use our lips to talk,  eat, drink, kiss and that they are in motion all day long. Meaning that there has to be quite some strong stuff in your lipstick in order to make it stay on your lips all day long.

This does not mean you should not use them. Just put some Vaseline on your lips before using a long lasting lipstick and you should be fine.


Myth Number 5

What you see is what you get.

I already mentioned earlier that you should always test lipstick on your lips before buying it, to make sure you like the colour. This is also very important because for lipstick, ‘’what you see is what you get’’, does not  apply.

You can use one red lipstick on 10 different people and it will look differently on every single one of them. (Unless you use foundation and lip liner first to cover up the natural lips)  

Your natural lip colour will always shine through your lipstick a little bit and as almost everybody has their own tint, the lipstick will look different.

If you pay close attention to the people around you, you will soon find out that some people have red lips, some others have pink lips, some people have dark lips and others have light lips. This will also show after applying the lipstick.


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