In this article you will learn how to use Foundation and what it is meant to be used for. In the next post I will cover the different types of Foundations and give you my personal top picks as usual.


Against the belief of many, foundation is not meant to hide all spots dots imperfections in your face. It is rather made to give your face one colour. Important to know is, that this colour is supposed to be your colour and not lighter or darker than your own skin tone.


The Youtube issue


Everyday on the street, you see a lot of young girls specially with a shitload of Foundation on their face. This probably comes from them learning from Instagram or YouTube.  I already covered the issues with that in another blog post, so if you are interested you can find it here.


As stated earlier, if you want to do makeup for a video, you have to use a lot for it to be visible on camera. If you want to use foundation on the streets however, you should not!

That is what causes the “cake face”.

The different colours


 There are a lot of different colours within your face:

Your forehead most of the time is darker than the rest of your face. Your cheeks have more red colour in them and under your eyes you can find a hint of blue. That is where foundation comes in. Foundation is supposed to give your face one colour.

Picture your face as a canvas. In order to put your artwork on it, you need to create a “blank canvas”. Foundation is exactly what you need for that to happen. It helps you create you the blank sheet of paper so to say.


Now there are methods of course, where you can use different shades of foundation within a face, but that is an advanced technique, that you do not need to know until you are a professional.

The right colour:

To get the right colour of foundation you have to test it on your jawline. That is the point where you should stop applying the foundation, meaning it’s colour has to seamlessly blend over into the colour of your neck. This means the colour has to be spot on over there.

As the rest of your face is going to be covered, you will not see the colour difference between your foundation and your cheeks for example. So nothing to worry about there.

The right amount:

Make sure you always work in thin layers. This way you can always check if you used the right amount already, so no product or time goes to waste.


So what you want to do, is to apply one thin layer of foundation on your whole face, then see if there is any reddish or bluish colour, you would like to get rid of and then apply some more foundation on those spots.

Covering your whole face a second time, just is an unnecessary waste of product.


For the bags under your eyes and the pimples, you will need to use something that we call concealer. Please do not try to use a ton of foundation to get rid of those. It is not going to work, because foundation is not made for that. You would need to use concealer for that!


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As always I hope this post helps you out a lot and thank you for reading.

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