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The bread and butter of all make-up artists:

In this post, I will explain everything you need to know about concealer.

Now unlike the common belief, concealer does not only have one colour. It also does not need to be lighter than your skin tone!

In fact there are many different concealers and you need different colours depending on what it is you want to hide. Not a lot of people know this, but you can also highlight some features using concealer. Do not worry ! It all sounds more difficult than it actually is.


First of all I am going to discuss the colours:colors

The most common ones are skin colours.

They can be lighter than your skin, darker than your skin or have the same shade.

As we already discussed, the main principle in makeup is:

Whatever you make lighter is going to be seen, whatever you make darker is going to fall into the background.


Now this means, that if you have dark rings under your eyes and you put some light concealer on it, you will highlight them. They are going to be seen even more! The only thing that changes is their colour. So the exact opposite of what you wanted.

Sadly enough, you can not use a darker shade either. It would not make any sense to put dark colour on the dark rings. That would just make them look deeper.


So what is the lighter concealer good for?

Basically you can use it for everything you want to see. Everything you are going to put it on, will be highlighted.

The dark concealer can be used as shaper. Also known as contour. So what you do is, to put it under your cheekbones for example. This gives your face a little more structure.

I will cover this topic in depth in a different post so stay tuned for that! 


Skin tone concealer can hide anything you want as long as it gives good coverage.  

What I mean by that, is if the product is see through, it it will not cover up anything. If the product is ”thick”, it will cover up anything you want.


Then there are the different colours: 

Color wheel

For this, you kind of have to know a little bit about the Circle of colours. You can read up on that in the post about eyeshadow, here.

The main ones are green and peach.  It all sounds a bit confusing but stay with me. You will find it to be not hard at all!

The Circle of colours teaches you, that red next to green will amplify the brightness of both colours. Put red and green on top of each other and they will cancel eachother out. The same goes for orange and blue.

Now where to use green is pretty obvious. You will cover up anything that is red and you do not want to see. Think pimples, etc..

Make sure you have a concealer that is not bright green. Those are the old fashioned ones and you will always see a little bit of green. If you already have a bright green one, use it before your foundation and you should be fine. It is best to take a skin tone concealer with a hint of green in it.


Now you probably wonder what you need orange concealer for. Is there anything blue in a face?

There is more than you probably know!

Apart from the occasional black eyes you could get, this type of concealer is very useful for the bags under your eyes or any veins.

Your skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face. This makes the veins underneath shine through and that is where the slightly blue colour comes from.

For the orange concealer type the same rule applies: Do not use one that is fully orange, but rather look for a skin tone concealer with a hint of peach colour.  

You will definitely find some bright orange, almost red looking concealers. Those are nothing to worry about unless you are a professional. They are pretty much only used to cover up tattoos.

Do you also want to know about the best concealer and where to get it? Follow this link to our post about that very topic!


I hope this helpes you understand the use of concealers!

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