The Perfect Brow


In this week’s blog you are going to learn, how to create the perfect eyebrow.

How to draw, How to shape and the important things to look out for.


First of all, if you look at the picture, you can see the different Lines, that are drawn in there.

Those are pretty important.  You might think: ‘’But everyone has a different Face, so how would it work to only use 4 Lines and how can it be the same 4 lines on every face?’’


The thing is, as everyone has a different nose and different eyes and those are the points, the lines go by,  they turn out to be different on Every face, so in the end it matches.


Today’s trend in eyebrows is very worrying to me as a makeup artist.

If you take a look at Instagram for example, you will see a lot of heavy, black, thick brows, even on petite girls with blond hair.

Eyebrows are not meant to be big and black and thick on everybody….

They can be, if it fits your face but, they do not have to be, because what eyebrows are really for, is giving your face and expression and that expression can be way off, or the eyebrows can change your whole face in case you go overboard with your drawing.

Every  milimeter counts!


So in the end, what I am trying to say is, that you should watch the lines and do not draw on random, thick eyebrows, just because you saw that on the internet.


The Lines Explained:


Line number one is meant to show you, where the beginning of your eyebrows should be, so you do not look like being angry, in case they are too close each other.

If they are too far apart, your eyes would also look, like they are further apart, than they actually are, which is not something you want to do, unless your eyes are very close to each other, then you can utilise this, to make it look like your eyes are a bit further apart.


Line number two shows you where the highest point of your eyebrow should be, to make your eyes look more open and to lift everything. (No botox needed)

This also prevents you from looking like a McDonald’s ad, in case you draw the highest point in the middle of your brow.


Line number 3:

This is the most important one, combined with line number 4, because those are the ones, that prevent you from creating drooping eyes.

Number 3 is also very important for eyeshadow and eyeliner, because when ever you draw outside of it, all the lifting you have been doing is gone.


You can see what I mean, if you look at the people on the street, wearing eyeliner.  

You will realise that there is a lot of European girls, looking like they have Asian eyes, because first of all they draw eyeliner, which is too thick for their eyelid, but also they do not follow my number three.

The eyeliner is drawn in a straight line, which makes their eye ‘’move’’ in the same direction, which creates the shape of an Asian eye.


More details on this subject will be explained in a future blog about eyeliners, but as always I hope it helps to understand eyebrows, what they do and how to draw them.


Yet I have to say, and this is the most important thing to keep in mind:

There is no perfect eyebrow.

Eyebrows look the way they look for a reason and that is, because they fit the shape of your face and the shape of your head, so if you remove them and you draw them back on in a  totally different way, that’s when they do not match your face and that’s when it looks weird.


So to come to a simple and short conclusion, you can alter your eyebrows and tweak them but, you should never change them completely!

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