How to lipstick:


Lipstick  is a very overlooked topic when it comes to makeup or make-up tutorials. Although it is one of the most important things if you want to create a proper look.


Now in this post i am going to explain how to use lipstick what colours to use.


First things first: How to use lipstick!


Most of you will buy a lipstick and just use it the way it is. Just open the lid, put it on your lips and that is it. Actually, there is nothing wrong about that, but it is never going to provide you with the perfect form or the perfect lips.


If you want to take it a step further, we definitely have to talk tools.

There are loads and loads of different lip brushes out there. For someone new to  makeup it can be very hard to figure out which one is good.

Don’t worry tho! It actually is a lot simpler than you would think. Lip brushes are always a little bit thin, so you will stay within the  right area. They are very straight on the sides, so if you have a brush that fans out, it is not good for the lips. The last sign of a good lip brush is the round top.


How to use the brush:


What most people do, is to fill in their lips and then make a sharp line with the tip of the brush. This is actually not what you want to do! It takes a lot of time, effort and a steady hand for this to work out. What you will actually want to do is to use the sides of the brush. They already have a straight line within them, so nothing to worry about for you!

Just drag the brush along the edge of your lips and you will have perfect lines.


The round top, as some of you may guessed, is for the middle part of the upper lip.

I like to call it ‘’the heart of the lips’’ , because sometimes it has that little heart shape.

So what you do is to put your pencil in there, in a way that you fit the round part of your brush within the round part of your lips. Step two is to turn your brush about 90 degrees so the round tip of your brush aligns with what you just drew. This way you will have the perfectly round shape, but also, there is no way of you failing at symmetry. When you do the same thing at the other half of your lip, it is going to look exactly the same.


Shape your lips:


Unless you are a trained professional and able to use lip pencils perfectly, do yourself a favour and stay within the outlines of your natural lips. Basically the same principle applies here as with the eyebrows. You can find a blogpost about that topic here.

Your lips are shaped in the way that suits your face, so you should not try to change it. At least not until you are 100% sure of what you are doing.




When I work with my clients, often times they ask me: ‘’What colour fits me in terms of lipstick?’’

The simple answer is: ‘’There is no colour that does not fit you.’’

The more complicated answer is: ‘’That highly depends on your makeup and the look you want to  create.’’


Let me explain what I mean by that:


It is pretty easy!

If you like a colour, you can wear it. It is just like with clothes. People who like green, will wear green. Even though that is not a colour you would consider to put on your lips usually, it can definitely look good! As long as it fits your style and you can wear it with confidence.

The same thing can obviously be said about any other colour. Especially the more common ones like red, brown, orange and pink.


The second thing I try to explain to my clients is that red does not equal red!

There is bright red, bordeaux (which is a lot darker) and there are mix colours (like nude with a hint of red in it).


What color to use?


Now let’s take red for an example. Keep in mind though, that this applies to all the other colours as well!


Bright and flashy colours will always attract the attention of the people looking at you. So keep that in mind when applying them.

They can be a distract from the other parts of your face! Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

For example: You have beautiful eyes, you put some smashing makeup on them and then  use a bright red lipstick, no one is going to look at your eyes.

That means you should avoid the bright colours and settle for a more subtle once. Nude colours can be very nice for this but they can also split your face in half.

Meaning that there is a lot going on in the top, but nothing on the bottom. In this case you can also opt for a darkish colour like bordeaux. This adds colour to your lips without attracting all the attention.


If you want to distract people from your eyes because you think you have amazing lips, then it is a good thing to use bright colours! They will capture the people’s attention and you can opt for a more subtle eye makeup.


So in conclusion:

Try to match your lipstick with the rest of your make-up and keep in mind that the brighter the colour more attention it gets. The most important thing is that your makeup has no ‘’design flaws’’ in order to look good.


I hope this blogpost helped you out! If you liked this post, you might also like: Lipstick  Myths – Top 5

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