This is an in-depth eyeshadow guide.

I will cover the basic principle, how to apply it, what colours to use and hope to answer all your questions. If not, feel free to send me a message!

In case you want to know what the best eyeshadows are, you can find the article to that here


At first, I am going to discuss the basics:


Eyeshadow needs to be light on the inside (the side closest to your nose) and dark on the outside.  That said, your light colour does not always need to be light. Now that might seem a bit confusing. What I mean by light colour is, the lightest colour you put on your eyes. For example: you could use black and white but, you could also go from light brown to dark brown or from grey to black. On a smokey eye you would even just use different shade of black!

As soon as you managed to understand this principle, it will be a whole lot easier to apply the eyeshadow itself.


Now why are we doing this?

See, the bottom line is  that light colours get attention and dark colours ”disappear”. So if you apply the eyeshadow this way you will lift your eye. This makes you look younger and gives you a fresh look.


Now blending is another science and you can make this a whole lot easier by using the right tools!

I will make a blog about that as well because that’s a big topic but for now just remember: The more colours you use the easier it is to blend them all together.


A lot of people are afraid to use lots of colours. They will just use a light colour like gold and a dark colour like maybe a dark brown. That is in fact a nice combination but, you could make it a lot easier for yourself by adding some more colour. No I’m not talking about green, blue and that kind of stuff! I am talking about a lighter brown or darker gold and so on.


Here is a simple example:

If you try to put white and black next to each other, it is really hard, not just to blend them into each other but it is also very hard to blend the black with your skin. That why people use a more natural colour like a dark brown underneath the black. This way the black blends easier into the skin.  Adding some grey between the white and the black would make it easier to blend those two together as well. Now you can continue this with as many colours as you want. Trust me when I say the whole blending part will become easier and easier this way.

Bottom line: Do not be afraid to use more than just two colours! Make it easy and start off  with different shades of the same colour. So you want blue on your eyes?

Put some light blue on the inside, medium blue in the middle and some dark blue on the outside.

Want a more natural look?

Gold on the inside, light brown in the middle and dark brown on the outside.


What colour should you use?

This is a question that comes up very often. The general rule of thumb is this: On blue eyes you should avoid red! Everything with red in it will make you look like you cried. If you have green eyes on the other hand, red colours are very nice to use.

This has to do with the colour wheel. Red and green are complimentary colours, just like blue and orange. This means that they enhace eachother and almost light up if you put them next to one another. They are opposite of eachother within the colour wheel.

Now don’t worry, you dont have t use red or orange! You can use colours with red or orange in them like purple or gold.

Get familiar with the colour wheel here and never worry about your eyeshadow color again:

Colour Wheel
Colour Wheel

So after we have covered the basics, we can now have a look at a step by step eyeshadow guide:

How to actually apply  the eyeshadow:


First off, you want to prepare your eyes with a primer to make the eyeshadow stay on for longer.


Second Step is to use a colour that is going to be invisible, preferably in the colour of your own skin. This get rid of the greasy spots on your eyelid, so your eyeshadow will have a smooth blend.

These two are going to form your base.  You should do this every single time no matter what look you’re gonna make.


Next  we choose the lightest colour (or: highlight colour) we want to use and apply it in the corner of our eyes (close to the  nose).

Continue by going a shade darker and put it next to your highlight colour. 

Then, take a dark colour and put it in the outside corner of your eye and the crease. This should have the loose shape of a C. It is very important that this dark colour does not have any glitter in it!  In case you want to take a picture with the flash on the dark colour would disapear because of  the reflection of the light within the glitter.


This is basically how to apply eyeshadow. Still wondering what eyeshadow to get? Click here I got you covered!


I hope this  helped you out and of course feel free to read our other blog posts!

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